Pedro Godoy

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT

Pedro joined our research group in October 2014 as a PhD student funded by CAPES and the University of Birmingham. Pedro completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, completing his thesis with Dr Max Langer. As part of his Master’s work, Pedro completed a six-month internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, working in the research group of Dr Mark Norell.

Pedro’s PhD research is focused on quantifying changes in crocodylomorph ecological diversity from the Mesozoic to the present day using a range of different quantitative approaches.  This project is co-supervised by Dr Roger Benson (University of Oxford), Dr Ivan Sansom (Birmingham) and Dr James Bendle (Birmingham).



GODOY, P. L., Ferreira, G. S., Montefeltro, F. C., Vila Nova, B. C., Butler, R. J., Langer, M. C. In press. Evidence for heterochrony in the cranial evolution of fossil crocodyliforms. Palaeontology.

GODOY, P. L., Bronzati, M., Eltink, E., Marsola, J. C. A., Cidade, G. M., Langer, M. C., Montefeltro, F. C. 2016. Postcranial anatomy of Pissarrachampsa sera (Crocodyliformes, Baurusuchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil: insights on lifestyle and phylogenetic significance. PeerJ 4:e2075.

GODOY, P. L., Montefeltro, F. C., Norell, M. A., Langer, M. C. 2014. An additional Baurusuchidae from the Cretaceous of Brazil with evidence of interspecific predation among Crocodyliformes. PLoS ONE 9(5): e97138.