Group leader

Richard Butler

Professor Richard Butler

Professor of Palaeobiology & Academic Keeper of the Lapworth Museum of Geology



Dr Roger Close (ERC Research Fellow)

PhD students

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Pedro Godoy

Pedro Godoy


Emma Dunne


Daniel Cashmore


Julio Marsola


Amy Jones

Research assistant


Juan Benito Moreno

Associated researchers


Dr Martin Ezcurra (Honorary Research Fellow)


David Ford (PhD student, University of Oxford)

JB Photo

Jordan Bestwick (PhD student, University of Leicester)


Hannah Bird – ‘A review of fossil footprints from the Carboniferous of the UK’ (MSci project, 2017–2018)

Emily Brown – ‘Endocranial and inner ear anatomy of the Triassic archosauriform Proterosuchus‘ (MSci project, 2017–2018)

Kai McWhirter – ‘Procolophonids from the Late Triassic fissure fills of SW England and South Wales’ (MSci project, 2017–2018)

Luke Meade – ‘3D reconstruction of fossil dicynodonts from the Permian of Zambia’ (MSci project, 2017–2018)

Matthew Scandrett – dinosaur fossil record completeness (summer research experience, 2017)


Dr David Button (Research Fellow, 2015–2016; now a postdoc at North Carolina State University & NC Museum of Natural Sciences)

Dr Felipe Montefeltro (UoB Brazilian Visiting Fellow, 2014; now Associate Professor at São Paulo State University, Ilha Solteira)

Dr Martin Ezcurra (PhD student, 2012–2015; now a permanent CONICET-funded researcher, Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia”, Buenos Aires)

Dr Roland Sookias (PhD student, 2012–2015; now a Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)


Master’s students: Lisa Glover (2016–2017), Josh Hedge (2015–2016), Emily Barratt (2015–2016), Daniel Cashmore (2013–2014), Adun Samathi (2012–2013), Héctor Ramírez-Chaves (2012), Damian Ortez Rodriguez (2012), Robert Lemanis (2011–2012), Olja Toljagic (2011–2012)

Bachelor’s students: Emily Brown (2016–2017), Kai McWhirter (2016–2017), Isabel Soane (2016–2017), Sam Tutin (2015–2016), Hugh Fennelly (2014–2015), Jack Fenton (2014–2015)