Christine Böhmer and Martin Ezcurra visit

It’s been fun the last few weeks to host visits from a couple of our friends and collaborators. Christine Böhmer, who I know from when she was a PhD student and me a postdoc in Munich, visited three weeks ago to give a talk and discuss a possible fellowship application for her to join our group. She gave a very interesting presentation on her exciting work on tracing Hox gene evolution in fossil archosaurs, and we also took the opportunity to take her out to a local pub.

Also visiting has been Martin Ezcurra, former PhD student and current Honorary Research Fellow in our group. Martin is now based in Buenos Aires, but visited to collaborate with us on some projects on Triassic biogeography, Early Jurassic theropods, and early archosauromorph macroevolution. He also taught a short course while he was here on the phylogenetic software TNT, and took the opportunity to visit and work in museum collections in London, Cardiff and Warwick. He’s now on his way back to Argentina, but hopefully it won’t be long before he visits again!

Martin (third from left) and members of our research group in the new Lapworth Museum



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