Pedro publishes new paper on croc postcrania

PhD student Pedro Godoy is the lead author (together with Mario Bronzati) of a new paper in PeerJ on the postcranial anatomy of Pissarrachampsa sera, a baurusuchid crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil. Other authors on the paper include group member Julio Marsola, and group alumnus Felipe Montefeltro. When it was originally described in 2011Pissarachampsa was known only from cranial elements. In this new paper, Pedro and colleagues describe additional postcranial remains that they assign to this species, which provide important information on its lifestyle, supporting its identification as a terrestrial predator. In addition, they conducted exploratory analyses that tested the influence of postcranial morphology on the phylogeny of crocodyliforms. The results of these analyses indicate that the postcranium can be very informative in resolving crocodyliform relationships.

Skeletal reconstruction of Pissarrachampsa, based on all known specimens
Fig15 copy
Reduced strict consensus tree generated from the phylogenetic analysis based upon postcranial characters only



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