Our research at Prog Pal in Oxford

If you are off to the Progressive Palaeontology 2016 meeting in Oxford this meeting, make sure to check out the research presentations from our lab. Five members of our team will be giving talks or posters, and Roger Close will be running one of the workshops and co-leading the fieldtrip to the Isle of Sheppey. The presentations to look out for from our group are:

  • Pedro Godoy – ‘Tracking changes in the ecological diversity of Crocodylomorpha through deep geological time’ (talk)
  • Andy Jones – ‘Exploring the phylogeny and form of Phytosauria’ (talk)
  • Emma Dunne – ‘Quantifying biodiversity during the terrestrialisation of life’ (lightning talk)
  • Dan Cashmore – ‘Completeness of the tetrapod fossil record’ (lightning talk)
  • Juan Benito – ‘A new basal rhynchocephalian from a Late Triassic fissure fill locality in South Wales, UK’ (poster)

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